G'Day Matetm Unisex Reef Sandles

Our very own trademarked Reef Sandal.

Ever popular our G'Day Matetm imprint unisex reef sandals are a great footwear item that sells well owing to its three-location adjustable straps for easy fitting to every customer's foot size.

The sole is super comfortable and durable rubber.

The sandals are available in black or brown and feature the imprint G'Day Matetm on the heel strap and attractive highlighting stitching.

A top seller, this unisex reef sandal is available in these sizes (based on men's sizing): Black: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Brown: 5, 6, 8,

Available as a 24 pair mixed carton pack or loose with other product order.

reef2 (22K)

reefblend (16K)

reefstitch (25K)

reefbrtop (15K)

reefbrsole (17K)

reefbrend (21K)