Warrior Sandals - unisex


Introducing the amazing, versatile Warrior Sandal

Available only through Thongs and Things, the all-new Warrior Sandals are made from durable EVA (just like Crocs) and are ideal for wearing in many situations.

Bringing both comfort and style, this solid performer will be a smash hit in summer footwear!

The one-piece moulded construction means durabilty and the closed cell finish means no stinky feet! The strap allows customised adjustment for a great fit!

This footwear item offers great versatility and is suitable for:

* people wanting to buy them for activities near or on water, boats, fishing, pools, etc
* travellers looking for footwear that is light in weight and that can be easily slipped on,
* bush walkers who want something to wear around camp at the end of the day,
* people who normally wear thongs, but want something offering more versatility and foot protection,
* grey nomads wanting something to wear to/from ablutions block and everyday wear,
* fly-in/fly-out workers - work boots and often thongs are not allowed in mess halls, but the enclosed toe Warrior are suitable
* people wanting a comfortable item of footwear for casual wear

Perfect for sale at: pharmacies, shoe shops, petrol stations, general clothing outlets, convenience stores, outdoor/camping, fishing/boating stores and more!

The product has an attractive swingtag with size and barcode (unique code for each size/colour) and a good hanger. for easy display. Each pair is also packed in its own clear-vision plastic bag.

A hot seller, this unisex shoe is available in blue and black in these sizes:

Extra Small Men 6/ Women 9(EUR 40)
SmallMen 7/ Women 10(EUR 41)
Medium Men 8/ Women 11(EUR 42)
Med-LargeMen 9/ Women 12(EUR 43)
LargeMen 10/ Women 13(EUR 44)

Minimum order 20 pairs mixed size/colours to your specification. Suggested initial order 2 pairs each size/colour.

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