Wholesale G'Day Matetm original double plugger men's rubber thongs

Our very own trademarked double plugger rubber thongs for boys and men

Buy our 'G'Day Mate' TM 5 plug rubber thongs footwear in wholesale bulk lots of just 48 pairs (mixed size, colour, style).

We are Australia's longest running supplier of double pluggers thongs. If your customers have been wearing double pluggers for years, they have probaby been wearing ours! Our brand has a loyal following.

Benefits of our men's 'G'Day Mate' TM double plugger rubber thongs

Made from quality materials, this double plugger thong is made for durability and comfort that customers love. The sole features the G'Day Mate message that customers recognise and trust. They also feature the famous dragon pattern on the strap that further enhances the recognisability of a long-stading, trusted product.

All thongs are invidually packed in their own hanging polybag and then in bags of 6 (ordering in lots of 6 is preferred.)

A top seller, these boys, teens and men's rubber five plug flip flops are available in these sizes to fit all sized feet:
8", 9", 9 1/2", 10", 10 1/2", 11", 11 1/2", 12", 13", 14", 15", 16"!

Ordering 'G'Day Mate' TM rubber thongs online

Available in 48 pair single sized cartons, or 48 pair mixed size cartons or in combination with other of our rubber thongs products. You can order what you need. We do not use fixed 'packs'. You can mix'n'match to suit stocking needs. Order here.

Note: These thongs are on our order page in inches sizes. Corresponding shoe sizes are shown here:
Inches Shoe Size Inches Shoe Size
11 8-9
11.5 10-11
12 12
9 2-3 13 13
9.5 4-5 14 14
10 5-6 15 15
10.5 6-7 16 16

GDay4 (15K)

G'Day2 (26K)