Teens and Women's 'Glitter' Rubber Thongs

Attractive with a subtle sparkle to set them off!

These stylish womens and teens rubber thongs come white with contrasting vine patten on the insole and a glitter sprinkled strap that looks great in the sun. They provides style and quality to broaden the range you can offer your customers.

This product is fashionable - they are subtle enough to wear with any outfit, while also maintaining quality.

Perfect for sale at pharmacies, shoe shops, general clothing outlets, convenience stores and more!

Products come in a functional 'self-hanger' poly bag for display and to allow customers to put feet on them without potentially soiling your stock.

These teens and womens "glitter' rubber thongs are available in these sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Min order is 48 pairs, or mixed with any of our products for total order of 48 pair. Order here

glitter_white_sm (14K)

glitter_white_sm (14K)